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    Hello Admissions consultant. First of all, congratulations for the Blog.

    Im a international student from Brazil and will apply for some internatonal relations / public adminitration courses this year. Target programs: Columbia SIPA – MIA, Jonh Hopkins SAIS – MA, Kennedy School MPA ID, Georgetown SFS and Yale IDE.

    Economics Major in Top Brazilian University – Average Score: 7.1/10 (That would be top 25% of my class)
    GRE: 770 Q, 500V, 4 AW
    Work Experience: 4 years as a trader in financial markets for a top american bank. By the time of application I’ll probably be just starting working as an economic consultant focused on Brazilian government projects
    Requirenments: Advanced courses in micro/macro/statistics/multivariable calculus
    Extra: Volunteer work, lived in Canada, extension courses in US

    Would like to hear your opinion on:
    – Should I retake GRE due to my scores on Verbal and Analytical sections (have taken the TOEFL of 100/120)? Do they consider the best score when you submit multiple GRE scores?
    – What are my overall chances?
    – What type of work experience could I have to increase my chances before application deadlines? Would this work change help at all for my applications this year?

    Thank you very much,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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