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    Has anyone else heard that Indian nationals need higher GMAT and better work exp than others? I would like to hear your thoughts.

    THank you!


    It’s true that Indian applicants (not NRIs) need higher GMAT score. But work exp is more about quality than quantity.


    Yeah, I’ve heard its a lot more tough for Indian applicnats to get in. I feel bad for you guys.

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    In IT concentrated regions like silicon valley, especially in the the part-time programs I would imagine that the odd of admission of an Indian IT male are far far worse than a non-indian person. I got rejected two years in a row altho i have 720 in GMAT, 3.5+ GPA from an Ivy League school. Reason, I m guessing diversity duh… I guess I should not have been truthful in my essays, and should have made up a story about leading an Arctic expedition or should have mentioned some exotic hobby.



    I’m planning to apply gfor this RSM Institute. can you please let me know the scholarship details for this?

    Im working in a product based company as software analyst and I have a total experience of 2.5 Years.

    also can u please let me know the loan amount I wuld get from the banks in India for this university… I can get a work in my same company if I get thru this institute.




    Probraly 750+ GMAT is required for an Indian/IT/Male applicant in top 10 as all have international exp. , all are from IITs or other 10 -15 leading engg colleges with excellent GPA.

    Make sure at least one essay specifies social activities without mentioning GPA or competitation.


    It does not matter as long as your GMAT is more than 680.. forget all the verbal and quant splits……

    It heavily depends on what you are looking for and which colleges you apply to.

    For instance, if you apply to H/S/W , they expect the candidate to have a sense of social awareness…

    A typical Indian IT guys essays revolve around his company, his work ( probably his build :) ), and his position…..

    What these schools want to see is.. what is your purpose in life.. How is this purpose help the current economic and social balance of the society and how your working in your company adds here.

    If you get this picture rigth, beleive me, you are in…..

    That said, some schools ( which belong to rankings of 5~12) look for managerial skills ( and do not emphasis much on leadership skills ) that can be applicable to AMERICAN economy. So you working for a multinational will help, but your role in the same context matters….

    If you are applying to 10 + ranking school and have a descent score of 700+, and if you are an IT indian.. chances of shortlist/waitlist is 6/10 .

    But trust me, its better to be “the best in the lower schools” than “not to be the best in the best schools”…. ;)

    It you who will make the difference, not the school…
    Best of Luck…


    Best of luck guys….

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