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    Hey All,

    I just want to get some feedback on whether I am a competitive applicant for NYU PT MBA Program and to get any recommendations or input on my application:

    University of California San Diego: (#1 Ranked Bioengineering Program)
    B.S Bioengineering 3.55 GPA
    M.Eng Bioengineering 3.78 GPA
    GMAT: 670 (only took it once)
    Recommendations: Director of Nonprofit and President of Largest Angel Network in US

    Teach for America 2011 Corps Member:
    I plan on doing my MBA during my time at Teach for America. I will apply to the Social Entrepreneurship and Finance specializations and plan on emphasizing my plans to start a company in the future that has a social impact in the Medical or Biotech industries. I plan on using my experience at TFA to both grow, have a social impact and learn the ins and out of a successful nonprofit program that has had a major social impact since its inception. (Any Input would be great!)

    William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurialism (1.5 Years while in School)
    Commercialization and Business Analyst for University Nonprofit helping researchers and professors with commercializing their research. I worked to evaluate technologies, consult professors and researcher on best PoA, created entrepreneurial course work for engineering graduate students.

    TechCoast Angels (1 Year while in School)
    Business Analyst and Due Diligence Consultant for largest Angel investment group in the country with over $1 Billion in raised capital. Worked to consult on deals, do due diligence and general deal support.

    Digital Panorama (3 years while in School)
    Founding Board member of software start up. I helped with business strategy and product development. Company has revenues of ~$5Million and it is a co-venture with a Fortune 100 Company.

    Bose(1 year while in school)
    Sales and Presentation Experience

    Fenerbahce Istanbul and Leicester City UK (4 years pre college)
    Professional Soccer Player and member of national team. I signed professionally when I was 15 and played 3 years in Istanbul and 1 year in England before making the decision to come back to US.

    I know this is quite a peculiar background but Im curious if I am competitive or if I have any gaps(ie do I need to retake the GMAT or if my background will suffice (granted my essays don’t bomb) ) Any feedback would be amazing. Thanks Everyone!




    Hi Peter and welcome to Admissions Boards!

    You should post this on the Ask AdmissionsConsultants thread for a better reply than I can provide.

    Best of luck!

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