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    I have a complicated situation: I’d love some advice.

    I first applied to 10 law schools last fall (2009) for the Fall 2010 entering class. I was accepted into each school and offered a full tuition scholarship at most of them. I chose NOT to attend law school this fall; instead, I moved to Korea to work at an English academy. I had taught here previously, and I had the opportunity to come back in a more administrative/managerial capacity; I couldn’t say “no.”

    Now it’s Fall 2010, and I’m looking toward the future. I still very much want to attend law school, but I don’t think I’ll be ready in Fall 2011. I’d rather early next autumn for Fall 2012.

    My question, in two parts:

    1) In your experience, are schools sympathetic to re-applicants? Do you anticipate that some of the 10 schools which previously accepted me (most of them T3-T4, a couple of top 100) might seriously consider me for admissions/scholarships, or am I likely “blacklisted” at these schools for having declined their previous offers?

    2)I would like to apply to 2-3 schools THIS year (for Fall 2011) as a kind of “insurance policy,” as the shaky geopolitical situation in Korea and changes to work visa regulations may complicate my plans. However, I’m concerned that schools in 2012 might look over my records and see that I applied in 2010, 2011…and perceive me to be fickle (a fair accusation, I suppose). Do schools have access to my prior applications? Do they factor this in to their decisions?

    Thanks in advance for your insight…



    Incidentally, my numbers are pretty good: 3.93 UGPA and 164 LSAT. Not stunning, but I think they make me quite competitive at many schools…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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