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    The health care industry has always been promising.

    Despite the economic downturn, small and large businesses in the healthcare industry are doing just fine.

    Especially, businesses in the long term industry are growing to meet the health and supportive needs of the aging population in the country.

    Capitalizing on the shortage of health care professionals and nurses has also become a trend in the industry. Businesses are using creative ways to recruit healthcare professionals locally and internationally for organizations that are running short of quality skills and talent in the health care industry.

    Industry experts report the health care industry will continue to grow for the next 15 years. It also appears the market share is promising and the income potential is also good.

    In short businesses such as non medical home care, home health, assisted living, elder care services, senior support services, services for the disabled, medical staffing, health care consulting firms are profitable and popular businesses to start.


    I like the subject you are looking to address here Bizman. To my mind entrepreneurship is oft overlooked. Whilst it can be great to work for multinationals, the contribution of smaller companies is also considerable. The German economy for example is all the stronger by the contribution made to it by the small to medium sized companies which comprise it.

    My wife completed an MBA at Leeds University and went on to form the leading UK price comparison site, BuyDigitaltv. An experience she has gained from both personally and professionally. Arguably more than she did whilst working at blue chip companies before undertaking the course.


    I agree with you guys. I look at an MBA as helping with my personal branding. I don’t want to be just a finance or marketing guy. I want to be able to do it all. Entrepreneurship is a great career track if you’re not overly risk averse.


    Yes, health is basic requirement of people. So it is most prospective. I prefer as small business day care center.

    graduate school


    Where there is human, healthcare industry is always booming industry. Especially I am talking about entrepreneurship in small scale industry like healthcare centers and day care centers etc…


    I view entrpreneurship as the ultimate professional challenge.

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