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    How important do you feel GMAT scores should be?

    I think the test is flawed, particularly with the first 5 Qs. I also think there is not much difference between someone who scores a 690 and a 630 for instance. GMAC wants the schools to believe 60 points is a lot so they will continue to make us take the test.

    How important do you think GMAT scores should be? What was your score? If it was high, explain why if you think it’s important. If you have a low score explain why if you think it’s not important.



    GMAT scores are important but they should not be.

    Also they are important to high sdore applicants but should be to applicants from low rank colleges.

    The test is definitely flawed and methinks business sxhools should look for applicants that show job smarts not test smarts.

    I haven’t taken it yet. If I get an 800 (lol), I will instantly delete this post and replace it with one praisinfg GMAC. [:D]

    All or nothing



    Not important. 620. LIke to think I’d still say not important if I had done better. Dont get me started on standardized test biases.



    I am not sure how a few test questions can mean one person is smarter than another. I agree it has too much importance.



    I know I am barely surviving because I am studying for the GMAT past midnight and I never stopped to consider this. Just doing it becase I have to.

    Now that I think about it, I definitely think it is overrated. I know I will give the same answer if I ace the test too.



    I think no system is perfect. If GMAT has flaws at least all applicants are treated the same.



    I’m studying for it now. I don’t think it should be important. I think there are some really successful business professionals who would struggle with it.



    I’ll try not to complain until I see a better alternative.




    Its seriously flawed and it isn’t that difficult to fix. ETS monopoly is not going to do so soon though.

    Ideally a good standardized test would count far more than grades in judging applicnats from diff colleges.



    Got a 700 (studied my arse off).

    The concept of the test is good since we all have diff colleges and GPAs. The execution needs a lot of work.



    The test is largely worthless. The consspiracy theorist in me is intrigued by the legal monopoly about the whole thing…



    710. (Not trying to brag.)

    Not trying to apease anyone here either but it really is just a test and it is way over rated. It shouldn’t be treated with so much importance.



    I am studying for test right now. I am not a native speaker of English, so verbal part is a little difficult. I never thought standardised test is a tool for measuring the “smartness”.
    But from what I learned GMAT is far from being the most important issue when admission commettee makes a decision.



    the way i see it….since so many people come from different colleges and some people have a couple of decades of job experience, there has to be one way for those schools to measure an applicant. Is it a hazzle…yes….does it make 4.0 GPA students look bad? Maybe! All in all everyone has to take it and for that i think it is fair. I think it is good for people who haven’t been so focused in there undergrad and are after a little bit of maturing ready to take the next step. With a high score they can convince the schools.

    All in all it is just another tests and for me i don’t even think school is a good indicator of smarts…you learn the most from working all this college stuff is just expected in today’s society but hey we are all in the same boat.



    740 – Thought I needed something close to an 800 because my transcript was such a mess. I think it helped to ignore all the crap out there that said, “Don’t worry about getting a perfect score…”. I went into it thinking, “Well, my situation is different. It actually is the end of the world if I don’t post an eye-buldging score…”

    I almost didn’t submit it when I finished the test. Was a little disappointed when I saw the score. Happy now, though. good luck

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