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    I am a junior at Georgetown, with a GPA of about 3.6. I anticipate that my GPA will climb now that I am taking mostly courses in my major (history).

    I have interned 2 semesters at a US Congressional office in DC. I’ve published numerous articles in school journals and other publications on various topics (I like to write), and have a bunch of other non-academic assets.

    I expect that my LSAT’s will be good, but probably not stellar (probably in the 168 to 171 range), given my SAT performance and similar standardized tests. I want to go the GU, Harvard (reach I know), Columbia, NYU, UVA, UPENN or similar. I wanted to know if these are do-able for me with the given assumptions (say, 3.7 and 169 LSAT), or what else I should be doing or where else I should be focusing. Overall, how cometitve would I be at the top 10 to 20 schools?

    How much do the non-academic things count here?

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.

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