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    I am a fourth year International Relations major in Turkey. I attended one of the best universities of the country. Currently, I am at the University of British Columbia as an exchange student. My cumulative GPA is 3.36, whereas my major GPA is 3.75/4.00. My GPA is below 3.50 because of the low grades I received on the second semester of my first year, due to a traffic accident..
    My TOEFL IBT score is 116/120 however my GRE Verbal score is not that bright. My GRE scores are Math 720 and Verbal 480.
    I have good relations with my professor and will be able to send strong recommendations.
    I was wondering what my chances were to receive acceptance from good master programs on International Relations like Stanford or Columbia? Would I be able to get into Georgetown?
    Thank you..

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