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    hello am in nigeria.i am about writing the SAT1 exams. my proposed course is to study medicine.which schools should i apply to?i was thinking of harvard.what is the [assmark for harvard to admit me on scholarship.also what preparatins should i do partaking to this examination.i mean as a foreign student do i need writin TOEFL.i would be grateful if this si answered and other vital informations are also given to me.i was also thinking of alfred, john hopkins,western washington.what are the requirements for the examination.which textbooks should i use.canyou also aid me choosing the schools to apply to.also since i am going in fro medicine which university is most suitable for my pre-medical sciences.you can also reply me on ojinaka2003@yahoo.co.uk OR cojinaka03@yahoo.com. i am most grateful for paying attention to my requests

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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