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    I am a Caribbean national with aspirations of studying immigration or civil law in the US. I graduated in 2007 with a 2.01 GPA- i was very unfocused and what’s more i didn’t even try. Since then, I’ve worked as a paralegal and have had aspirations to practice law in the States. From everything that i read, my chances were none, but i took the LSAT for the first time and received a 139 and got a 146 the second time- I’ve read since then that i should not have taken it a second time and a third time would be admission suicide.I don’t have grand dreams of Harvard- the tiers don’t matter much to me (they can’t considering my situation)but i still feel very strongly about pursuing this. I was told by the person that has been advising me that i should take the LSAT the third time (against EVERYTHING I’ve read online). I see that my score would be accepted by a few schools, but i fear that my GPA would hold me back. What can i do to make amends for my massive failure in college?

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