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    Hi. I recently graduated from UCLA with Honors in Political Science and a specialization in International Relations and with a 3.23 G.P.A. Also, I have completed an undergraduate honors dissertation that was 57 pages long. I have worked full time all four years that I have been there at a campus position as an assistant supervisor. Additionally, I have done research for a professor in the department and i have recently been interning at a courthouse providing legal aid to individuals with low socio economic backgrounds [answering unlawful detainer answers, filing out divorce papers, answer contracts, essentially paralegal work]. Im taking the LSATS in Septemeber. If I get at the very least a 155, What type of Law Schools should I be applying to? [Harvard HAHA……, Boston College, laverne, pepperdine] Also, according to LSAC I am underrepresented minority.

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