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    I recently graduated with honors from an Ivy, and am taking a gap year before law school. I am shooting for a 175 LSAT and would like to get into a top-5 law program. I have several options for the next year on my plate, and one of the criterion for making my decision is how each choice would play in the admission process. I studied political science and international relations, and am considering on the one hand a development organization in Latin America with which I have previously worked, and on the other joining an environmental research vessel. The former fits better with my ‘package,’ but the latter may be more unique and although not closely related to my area of interest (eventually I would like to get into international human rights law), it would give me a broader experience, and add diversity to my resume. At this point, is focus and dedication to a cause more valued than a well-rounded candidacy?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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