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    HALLO,I am a first year student of the athens medical school(Greece).I scored a great grade in the national exams during the previous year.This grade was 19550out of 20000 and the minimum grade to enter the medical school was 19306.I have always been a great student at school.I wrote excellent in both biology and chemistry(20out of 20).I am currentry preparating for proficiency examination although i speak english quite fluently.I would like to continue my medical studies in the USA especially at the harvarf medical school or another school of the same fame.What are the chances of me being accepted in such a university?Are there any scholarships available?With many regards Ioustinianos!!



    Hi ioustinianos and welcome to Admissions Boards!

    Although I am not an expert and not familiar with the Greek grading system, I believe there is always a chance of admission. From what you have stated regarding your academics it sounds like you have a strong profile and admissions committees for the most part are familiar with the grading systems of international schools. Transferring those grades may be another issue all together however, so in my opinion you may have to consider the possibility of starting all over if you do get accepted.

    Best of luck!



    scholarships are generally available if we re going to apply for PhD in sciences like bio and chem. the competition is keen, however. schs like harvard or stanford generally accept those who have a v strong background in scientific research.



    Hi am also like u.i think d best is to write SAT and apply to some schools.if u get good scores then u get scholarship.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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