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    I am a 21 year student from Romania in my senior year pursuing a BA in International Relations and European Studies. My most probable GPA will be 4. I have worked for the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it organized this spring the NATO summit. I have done a 5 months internship at UN Information Center in Romania. In my first year of college I also worked as a journalist for nationwide magazine.
    Now I am doing another 3 month one at the German Marshall Fund office in Bucharest.

    I have published abroad.

    I took part a consideral numebr of international conferences, summerschools, and workshops. I am an active member of the first human rights NGO in Romania, and I am doing voluntary work for the Institute for the study of the crimes Communist era in Romania.

    I have won a bunch of essay contest on relevant issue to international relations. I have gone on two study visit two Bruxelles in which I saw the EU’s institutions and NATO’s HQ.

    This summer I represented Romania at a high profile forum on the future of European construction.

    IELTS band 8

    I just took today the GRE test: 510V 770Q, the verbal is a little low, I know, but would this matter.

    I posses three excellent rec. letters.

    I applied to:
    -SIPA, Columbia
    -SAIS, John Hopkins
    -Fletcher, Tuffs
    -Elliot School, George Washington University

    So how do you grade my chances?

    Thanks in advance[:)]



    Hi fantassyo and welcome to Admissions Boards,

    I believe that you have many strengths that can help mitigate your GRE but I don’t think you have anything to worry about if you communicated those effectively in your applications.

    Best of luck!



    If you want to build depth credibility, reputation within the Academy become genuinely interested in other people.



    I think you are a good competitor for well graded University, like George Washington University.

    graduate school

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