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    Hello I am a bit confused and feel as though I am not sure about whom I am meant to ask my college related questions to. I am signing up for college at Leeward Community College Hawaii for the spring 2009 semester as I do not have much money. First of all I will start with where I am most confused. I am an American and an Australian citizen. I completed my elementary schooling in America, Yr. 9 in Australia, Yr 10 in America, and Yr. 11 &12 in Australia. I completed high school exams on October 31, 2008 although we do not receive our test scores until December 17. I come from a relatively poor family. My mother is Australian, my father is American, and I am moving back to Hawaii (where I was raised) at the end of December. The college I am joining requires very little to enter but I plan on transferring when possible. Neither of my parents or my older brother have completed any college education and are no help with answering my questions. So first of all I am interested in naturopathic medicine and entrepreneur business courses. How do I enter for scholarships in America when my test scores are in the Australian school format, do I have to have them converted, and if so how would I do that? Also I have not completed much community service hours as I have been helping care for my grandparents and have always had a minimum of one job at times up to three and have little time on my hands, will this be a major problem when applying for colleges although I do plan on contributing much more community service hours when I return to Hawaii. Do you have any suggestions on how I should go about applying for colleges? WB kendrabielmann@hotmail.com



    Hi kbielmann and welcome to Admissions Boards!

    Although I am not an expert, I believe that those reviewing scholarships are familiar with foreign test results and will be able to correctly assess your skill level based on them. Depending on where you are submitting as well, you could always ask them for advice directly. Most scholarship applications require some personal essay or statement so I would use part of that to explain why you might not have as many extracurriculars as other applicants.

    Best of luck!

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