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    Travel, Travel, Travel!! After a long but adventures travel through Europe I am finally visiting Paris. In the last 10 weeks I have been in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Austria and now France. And I must say: enjoy German beer, Hungarian food and the Spanish sun if you are able to do soJ. However since 1 day I am staying in a Youth Hostel close to the centre of Paris. I possess a little tour guide book but prefer places that are a little bit unknown but still own the French charm. Yesterday I visited by luck a nice alternative area in Paris and can only recommend it for interesting shopping tours; it is called “quartier latin”. If you enjoy record shops or alternative cloth, don’t miss it! I really want to make many Paris pictures for my collection and therefore I need interesting places. Please if you know a weird but beautiful area in or around Paris just let me know!!! I will be happy for every advice you can give me. Thanks a lot and a wonderful summer wherever you are.

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