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    I decided to go to a little known Ameircan college in the Southern Swiss Alps known as Franklin College Switzerland. There, I received my Bachelor’s degree. This school is an American accredited institution and has Swiss accreditation..meaning I can go to any other postgradaute school in Switzerland and not have to worry about admission problems.
    Currently I am working for a German Advertising Company in Frankfurt.
    However, I am recently considering Graduate School and many of my options are in Europe. Bachelor’s is on e thing, and my parent’s worry that getting a Masters in Europe won’t be considered top-notch in the US (I do plan on going back) and will not be valid for work. I am looking to other native Swiss schools, the Fifa Masters, London, and other EU schools. I am most definitely content of having gone to my American college in Switzerland, but I am now worrying about whether to do the masters here or back in the US. Any Ideas?

    I am considering an MBA with Sports Management/Marketing empahsis.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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