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    Snow White

    Hi everyone! as UCLA is one of my options in college, I wanted to know people who will or currently studying there, because I don’t live in California and I wished to know someone there, so if I get in, I wouldn’t be all alone.

    Feel free also to acknowledge me your opinion about UCLA.
    But since everyone’s saying that the other college that I prefer here in my own State isn’t good, I think UCLA is high priority.

    See ya!


    Never been to LA and not going to UCLA. Did you visit the campus? If you liked it go. I am sure you will meet lots of friends when you get there.


    Does UCLA have an orientation program? Most colleges do something to give students a chance to not only see the campus and facilities but to also meet each other. At least 50% of the people at those activities won’t know anyone else from anywhere either. I knew several people attending my college when I began there, and looking back now I think there is an advantage to not knowing anybody, in that you have to put even more effort into meeting lots of new people. Embrace the opportunity!!


    You will be fine. Don’t worry.

    There may be a UCLA discussion board for you to check out. Look into it.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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