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    I think Bush was put in a difficult spot. In all fairness, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter didn’t have an event as drastic as 9/11 occur during their presidency. Seriously, Lincoln may have been the only pres to have something as serious occur during his tenure.

    But, Bush hasn’t exactly been stellar at handling it and he still doesn’t seem capable of finding a way out after all these years. He’s clearly done a crappy job of handling his media image and that has caused a great loss of confidence. It’s hard to be a good pres if your followers don’t believe in you.

    He may not be the worst ever, but I think when historians look back in 100 years, he’ll be in the top 5 or 10 worst.



    Well stated MikeinOK.

    How come only like one if 500 readers of this thread bothers to post a reply?

    Defending my title



    First off, I’m only fifteen and anything I say is probably going to sound stupid because politics is not my area of expertise. But if you’re trying to argue that Bush is a good president, could you please at least list something he’s done to BENEFIT this country? And I will agree that he didn’t START this war, but what exactly is he doing to stop it? And yes, I do realize that this topic is obviously dead, but I couldn’t resist posting. =)



    hello fello americans,
    since everyone seems to be comparing apples to oranges, i thought i’d join in. everyone likes to point fingers, but let’s just remember, the main thing we all want is less killing. i don’t think there have been more deaths in the world as a result of the war in iraq. it would be an interesting thing to research. one thing i do know though, we talk about wars like they are the main cause of needless death when it’s not. so many people, mostly democrats for some reason, seem to be pro-choice these days. it sounds harmless enough until you actually investigate and find that abortion causes the death of an individual, not to mention that it’s a member of that person’s family and even the child of that person. the child can’t speak up for itself, but it’s a real human being with a beating heart. does the child experience pain when it is torn from it’s mother’s womb? research says that it does. at least the war is being fought for a reason, even if you don’t agree with the reason. what could possibly be the reason for someone to get rid of their own offspring? is it for convenience? is it because you shoul be able to demand your rights? nearly half of your fellow americans believe that abortion is killing. do you care at all about what those millions of people think? are you promoting peace? do you think that God is pleased with the killing of innocent babies? do you know how many babies are killed everyday? i don’t know the exact figures, but i believe there are more babies killed in one week by abortion than are killed in all the wars in the world combined in a whole year. who is the real terrorist?
    it’s not george w. bush!



    To answer the original question, No.
    You want bad??? To find the worst you’d have to go back a little farther and look at Jimmy Carter.

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