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    In the last few months, it has come to my realization that we are no longer using school to help us in life and give everyone an opportunity. Rather, public education has become a contest to see who can get an A (a 96%+ in my school) every semester. It seems it has turned into a matter of shuffling teens though the system, and those that get the best grades are usually the ‘smartest’ and will do the best in life. However, what’s in a grade? Usually, a grade received at the end of a quarter or semester is an average of how well a student did on their assignments and tests. Of course, you must keep in mind that books and notes were used to complete these assignments, and the test was more than likely studied for. Studying for tests. . .what is the point, exactly? So you can past the test, sure. But what does passing the test say, then? That you know how to study? I’m only fifteen, but I don’t think most careers allow you to ‘study for your test’. Shouldn’t students KNOW the material if it was taught well and if we put in the effort to learn it? For example, a couple of weeks ago, I took my semester tests. Half of the school was in a state of mental instability from studying for these tests. I am proud to say that I managed to pass all these tests with a C (81 or 82% and above) and above. But what does this say about me? I didn’t remember the things we covered at the beginning of the year, and had to learn them all over again. Now, what good is this education if I can’t even remember these things for even 18 weeks?
    I know I am totally ranting/babbling/word vomiting here, but it’s really helping me organize my thoughts. Please post your ideas on my opinion. This is actually a very very rough draft for an oratory I’d like to compose over the next week or two to use in competition. Thanks! =)


    Grades show work ethic and skills at how to get ahead at the game.

    It’s not a guarantee of success in later life. You won’t get promoted to senior manager b/c of your college grades. If you start your own business, you won’t get people to buy from you b/c you got good grades.

    Grades help you start at a higher entry level. That’s all.


    Well, I think what you say make good sense. Grades do not mean everything, they just show how you perform at gaining knowledge, and give you a better starting point. That’s all. Ability is much more important than grades.


    So you are against competition TaylorT? We don’t want our next generation to grow up and work hard and compete?



    study for test is not the best choice. But what do you think is the best way to measure and encourage students to study? Through the study process, students learns how to reasoning, how to catergorize and prioritize things, their perspectives are broadened and they learn critical and creative thinking. So, the point comes to how to design the test format and question types?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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