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    My career goal is to be a finance analyst for a company that has alot of potential for advancement and different opportunities.
    I have read and heard that leadership experience and work experience are very important to be accepted to a top or second tier business school. How can I evaluate where I rank in terms of these categories and how can I have a good idea when I should try to apply? Additionally, since I majored in Political Science I have had a difficult time attaining a job in the corporate sector in my first year out of undergrad. Because of this my question is what companies or types of job titles reflect a competitive applicant for business school? Lastly, I noticed that the average age of business school students is 25 to 26 with several years of work experience prior to applying but also that there is an excellerated program for those without much work experience. How much more employable would someone who came from a full-time MBA program be than someone who completed the accelerated program? In other words is it worth it to put off business school longer in order to bolster my resume with more professional experience? Also, what do you think of taking extension classes in marketing, finance, etc. to gain some experience with the demands of business classes and then apply? Thanks so much for your input.

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