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    There is a ranking of top high schools in today’s (April 2, 2004) Wall Street Journal. I would take these — and any — rankings with a grain of salt, but the writer does acknowledge some imperfections in the rankings model.

    The questions of high school selection and high school transfers do come up from time to time and our college admissions experts (all of whom have made accept/reject/waitlist decisions for selective college admissions committees) are available to help you.

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    David Petersam



    This is about the time when I wish more things in life were free. It seems you can’t go back and get access to the article without paying an online fee or making a request to the company. Only really large libraries would carry so many back issues of the WSJ.

    Does anyone have even the top 10 or so that they’d be interested in posting on here for discussion?


    That’s a fair question, but it would actually be our hope that no one would post that information here. We don’t want this site to be in violation of copyright laws, particularly if the WSJ has deemed this to be fee-based content.

    While it would be nice if there was a link we could post to the WSJ website if the content was subscription free, I would like to point out what David said about taking the rankings “with a grain of salt”.

    Please feel free to continue to make suggestions though. You may just come up with one that we actually like! [;)]


    I have to issue an apology to my local library. It turns out they do have issues of the WSJ dating back to the beginning of this year. The rankings that they provided were the basis for an interesting article, but nothing tremendously useful because they covered a national scope. When choosing high schools, even selecting private schools, most people still don’t operate on a national scale. The rankings also seemed to favor private schools and public magnet schools, which aren’t available to all students everywhere. It may be more interesting to have rankings of public schools that are not magnet schools in similar income areas – that would reflect more on the quality of the teaching programs at that school then the money and top notch students being pumped into it.


    Thanks for the additional perspective! [:)]


    HS rankings are a total joke. The best part is no employer cares where you went to HS and the top colleges take applicants from just about all HS.

    If anyone still likes rankings, I offer this as proof of their absurdtiy. [^]

    Support terrorists. Vote Bush out of office.


    Yeah, basically I just want to see my high school ranked as #1 in the nation so that I can feel extra good about myself for a moment as I read the article.


    If people didn’t pay for the rankings, they wouldn’t be done. Kind of like what was said in the anti spam thread in Mindless Ramblings.

    Mo was a pedophile and nothing more!


    And boy do people pay, especially people with little experience or a particularly negative experience with the public school system.


    lol my school was like 35 or something.

    but that doesnt really mean anything though…lol

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