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    From this webpage.

    CSU And UC Will Ask For Online Applications Next Year

    Beginning with the entering class of Fall 2005, the California State University and University of California systems will require all undergraduate applicants to submit their applications online.

    Students applying for Fall 2004 can submit paper applications or apply online. Last year, more than 70 percent of those applying to both systems did so online.

    Because computer prompts and error checks help students complete applications online more accurately, campuses will be able to complete their evaluations more efficiently.

    “Over the past few years, our applicants have displayed tremendous interest in filing online,” said Leon Washington, associate director, Enrollment Management Services, CSU Office of the Chancellor. “Taking this step made perfect sense especially now that both systems are implementing it at the same time.”

    UC shares that outlook.

    “Overwhelmingly, the feedback we have received from students who have used the online application has been positive. They tell us it is easy to use, fast and convenient, and they like the self-help tips that assist them in completing the application accurately and completely,” said Susan Wilbur, director of undergraduate admissions at UC’s Office of the President. “We expect that most students will have no problem with this change.”

    As greater numbers of students have applied online, the applications have been enhanced to provide additional help to students.

    Students applying online to UC can walk through each step of the application before they start, using a virtual tour. When they start their application, they can see if the majors they are interested in are open or not, allowing them to choose another option if necessary.

    Students without computers at home can easily access applications for CSU and UC through any computer connected to the Web, whether at school or in a library or community center. Both sites include detailed instructions for students, teachers, parents and counselors.

    Though CSU and UC will be asking students to apply electronically for fall 2005, both educational systems will still accept paper applications from students for whom it is the only option. Students who are unable to apply online, can print a version of the application from the Web and submit it by mail; if they cannot print the application they can call CSU and UC admissions offices to request a printout.

    During the filing periods, students can apply around the clock at http://www.csumentor.edu and at http://www.ucop.edu/pathways/appctr.html. Both CSU and UC offer online and telephone support for students.


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