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    I went through my interview process and was accepted into Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine school. While awaiting my MCAT scores the acceptance to a wait list from the school arrived. I have been offered placement in the class of 2008, if I do not get through the wait list this year. Yesterday, I received my scores, I totally bombed! On the practice tests, I was at a 21 and got a 15 on the real thing. I am still reeling from this. What if anything can someone offer as advice on what to tell the school. Should I release my scores and risk total rejection? Should I send my scores and let them know I have signed up for the Intensive Kaplan Prep Course with a retake of the MCATs in August? Please help![V]
    PS This was my first MCATs and I was taking Physics for the first time and got an A! My undergraduate school GPA was 3.3.


    Telling them that you are retaking the exam always helps. That is what I heard. Don’t feel bad, I am pretty sure they would understand. If they don’t, you can always take some time off to focus on studying on the MCAT and get a better score!! I am taking the MCAT in 7 days and I’m pretty sure I’ll bomb it as well, but I plan to take some time off sometime to study intesnivly because becoming a Doctor is the whole purpose! good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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