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    Hey I’m 13 and will be attending a french immersion highschool next year. I haven’t got my schedule yet, but I’ve made my course selection. I’m just wondering-does canada have AP classes?! Because I want to take them but the only options at my school were Applied, Academic and then open, ESL and other none applicable classes. I went all academic and have gotten 4 french credits for this year (I need 10 for my diploma). Here are my courses

    Academic English
    Academic French Geo
    Academic Core French
    Academic Math
    Academic Science
    Phys Ed
    Technologie (French)
    Spanish (French)

    Now my average is currently around a 79.5 (an A- is and 80 here) so I suppose I’m pretty close. Now I really really want to be a pharmacist so I am wondering what do I have to do to do this? I’ve already researched the school like craaazy and know how to get in, but what type of things will impress them? I’m also wondering if there are SAT’s in Canada…Because my friend told me there aren’t and the school doesn’t even mention. The school requires a year of 5 unniversity level courses and they then look at that when reviewing your application rather than high school. So how do I do those unniversity courses (I know which to take)?! I’m applying for the leslie dan faculty of pharmacy at U of T…So what can I do to assure I have a good chance?! I’m really the type of person to worry a lot. I’m very good at writing and got an 88 in my english class (High A for us) and that is very very very very hard to do with our teacher! But do they even care about English? I also got an 85 in science and mid 80’s in math. PLEEEEASE HELP! Thank you SO much, this info is very needed right now![:I]



    your jumping the gun. your going into grade 9, its not possible to take AP classes until you are in 11 or 12. You should stay in the stream then when your in grade 11 decide whether taking AP courses is right for you.




    slow down, work hard, relax a bit

    you will be fine

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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