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    If you want to be a physician, I think you can make this happen. The keys is to prove that you can handle the academic coursework of medical school (which you are doing with your recent grades), confirm you can handle the work through a competitive MCAT, and then highlight all of the fabulous things you have been doing over the past 10 years that will make you an excellent doctor.


    Originally posted by rottwylor


    I have a quick question, since I just paid for my MCAT seat for September. However, I have an odd situation and would like to know if going through the MCAT and application process will be a waste of time.

    Some background. I’m 34 and typically take 2-3 courses per semester while working full time. I graduate in 2010 with an Assoc. of Science and a 3.5 GPA. Before that, it had been 10+ years since my first attempt at post-secondary, and it went very very bad. So my second attempt later in life definitely has shown a very strong improvement.

    After my associates, I then transferred to a 4 year university where I am currently at and will be graduating spring 2013 with a bach in biology. My first semester at this university left me with a 3.81 GPA, my second semester was awful (ochem and genetics) and I ended the term with two Cs, bringing my GPA down to 2.94.

    I believe, if I get straight A’s from now until spring of next year (I also go during the summer), the highest my GPA will be is around a 3.6. Not the best, and a little disheartening.

    I’m not sure how I’ll do on the MCAT, but I’ve given myself enough time to prepare. However, I’m wondering if it’s even worth the effort at this point. I’m not extremely confident that I’ll maintain straight A’s until graduation, simply with what I’ve planned out course wise, and the fact I work 40+ hours a week.

    Has anyone else had a similar situation that can offer advice?

    I appreciate it.

    Cheers :)

Viewing 151 post (of 151 total)
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