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    The Indian School of Business located in Hyderabad, India, is a research-oriented, independent, management institution that grooms future generations of business leaders for India and the world. The one-year Post Graduate Programme in Management programme provides the latest practices and trends in management education with the flexibility of individual exploration in chosen areas of interest. The programme content is contemporary and global in its perspective, and develops the students’ understanding of modern management opportunities and challenges. The ISB’s Governing Board comprises business leaders, entrepreneurs, and academicians from some of the world’s leading business and management education institutions. It has formal affiliations with the Kellogg School of Management, the Wharton School, and London Business School.

    The School also offers a Business Research Fellowship Programme, and short and long term Executive Education programmes.

    Website http://www.isb.edu


    Hmm. Only 1 post. Straight advertisement for the school. If the school is that good, hwo come it insults our intelligence by posting unofficial endoresement ads[?][?]

    I bet K, W, and LBS are very proud right now [B)]


    Busted. I saw a similar post for ISB a few months ago on a different board. Same one post from the user.

    They could have at least placed this on the international section instead of EMBA.

    I feel bad for anyone going there who isn’t aware of these antics.


    I agree its distasteful but I’m not sure it is deceptive. He/she said they were from India and never claimed to be a big fan or student acting on their own.

    My guess? An admission worker at the school who wants to save $ on advertiisng.

    All or nothing


    I think posc is right. About time after 49 posts! [;)]

    Blatant advertising though in my opinion.


    Maybe I’ll email them a link to this thread and ask them what they think


    Update: The email I found was admissions@isb.edu. I never got a reply so while that is not an admission of guilt, it doesn’t look good either. Obviously no post here either.

    Well, thank God I’m not applyng there!


    OK guys no cracks about my slow day and bad work ethic but I did a google search on “sohini isb” and this guy is all over the place. On Aug 28 03 he asks for information (sysindia.com) and the previous day (mba-forums.com) he is saying the school is great on another thread. I also found a post from 2000 where he asked about the school. I hope anyone considering this school reads this and realizes these guys have credibility problems.

    Now sadly I’m not so sure about the ethics here regarding censorship and the M7. [V]

    THoughts anyone?


    I think these “advertising” efforts are just funny. Hope it isn’t professional because they used “comprise” improperly – no editor would have let that slip by. (Elements comprise a whole, a whole does not comprise anything but itself… one of those classic English faux-paus). Maybe he’s like the unofficial Wendy’s spokesperson in all the commercials.


    The evidence looks pretty damning to me!


    The school will claim he’s the unofficial spokesperson, but I doubt it. I know you meant to be funny but Vegas odds on that are million to one.

    I feel bad for anyone considering that school that doesn’t see this thread. I’ll pass the word.


    I feel bad for anyone going there. Imagine how you’d feel if hte school you were about to attend got busted doing something like this? This may not be a felony, but it is a horrible indicator of ISB’s integrity. What else do they misrepresent?


    Dear Moderator,

    I saw a post where you traced the IP address. Can you kindly do that for sohini? I don’t see the harm in telling us where he is from.

    A reply one way or the other would be great. Thanks!


    Given the extraordinary circumstances, I will say that Geo Select version II states with a certainty reading of 94 that the post came from Hyderabad India. It is possible that this individual is a student or even someone who was not on the school’s campus.


    Looks like a smoking gun to me. I really feel bad for the school’s students. As far as I’m concerned some of them are victims of fraud! [V]

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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