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    I’m an international student. I’m currently preparing to take my examination for my Third Year of Bachelors Degree in Arts, next year (2007). I failed last year due to a lot of things happening all at once. So that means I’m reappearing next year. I’ve been a good student up until last year and I’m now worried as to how this will affect my future prospects. I intend to apply for graduate study for Fall 2008, but am doubtful, that with such a recent record of faliure, if I will get into the graduate program I want. That thought tends to worry me a lot at times. Also two of my professors – as I think won’t be willing to send reccomendation letters since my batch and the professors didn’t hit off well. However, the Head of the Department of my course, has been very much encouraging and believes in me a lot and is very understanding and continues to support me. I’m sure to get her reccomendation. I don’t know what to do at this point. I need two more strong reccomendations and a really good GRE score and subject GRE score and a really good score on my Exam even as I reappear. Please, if you are a professor or somebody who can advice me or share your suggestions, please take time to read this and reply. Thankyou very much.


    3 things:

    1. Try using paragraph breaks if you expect anyone to read all this and help you.

    2. You need the LSAT not the GRE.

    3. You are making excuses for why your professors don’t like you. Nobody likes whiney victims.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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