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    I can’t emphasize how bad this course is and how unsatisfied I am with the Kaplan GMAT review. It lacks organization and students are introduced to bits and pieces of material scattered throughout the program. You may be quizzed on geometry in one of the first sections and then taught the material in one of the last. Kaplan’s proprietary “strategies” are instructions to read the question and to then cross out answers that don’t seem right. I hope everyone is aware of that “strategy” before wasting $1400 on the course.

    I want to alert potential students of the scam also known as Kaplan’s Money Back Guarantee. If your score does not improve, you are entitled to take the course again or to receive a full refund (minus a 10% processing fee of course). The first item on the syllabus is a diagnostic test that will be used as the benchmark to determine if your score improved by the end of the course. Most test takers have not studied or even seen this material since high school, so it goes without saying that most will score poorly on the diagnostic test. However, this is the benchmark that Kaplan bravely claims you will exceed after taking their course.

    If you have questions about a specific problem Kaplan offers online help. However, you must type the entire question into a text box and then wait several days for a response. Typing complex fractions or lengthy passages into a web form is extremely time consuming and sorting through material to find the problem you did not understand a few days earlier is more of a hassle that its worth.

    Do not expect to learn any material you did not have a good grasp of before hand. Kaplan is not concerned with content, they devote a large amount of time to gimmicks and tricks designed to fool the GMAT.

    After realizing how ineffective the course was in teaching anything useful, I requested a refund. I received the following response:

    To be eligible for a refund, the Home Study Kit must be returned in reusable condition. Refunds will be made within 30 days of cancellation and the return of the Home Study Kit. Based on the amount of the course that you have used, you would be eligible for a refund of 50% minus a 10% processing fee, contingent upon our receipt of your course materials.

    I don’t understand how a student is supposed to make an informed decision that the course is poorly designed without actually opening the book and completing the provided materials. Hopefully this review will keep others from making the same mistake I have by enrolling with Kaplan.



    My experience with Kaplan was exactly the same as yours but the only difference was I was eligible for a total refund.I just applied for a refund today.

    My baseline score in Kaplan Diagnostic test was 650 and Actual GMAT:640.
    I took the same 1400$ package ,heard from manyothers that its a pretty good course and then realized that its good for nothing.Atleast the Kaplan CAT exams arent worth it.I was scoring consistently in the 650 and 660 just before my actual exam.

    Yes,I would like to join hands with you to warn people against taking this classroo course.Atlease the CATS arent competititve enough for the actual GMAT.

    Best of luck Guys!!!


    I am doing Princeton Review’s online GMAT course and it is excellent. The materials, the lessons, the tests are right on target. I did not use Kaplan so I can’t compare, but I am getting a lot out of it.

    I can’t imagine Kaplan’s online course costing $1400, though…PR’s online courses are nowhere near that expensive. That sounds like the price for the classroom course.


    I agree with the above poster. I dropped $1200 on the actual Kaplan class. I have been studying hard for months, even harder in recent weeks. My math skills are very, very rusty, so I’ve worked hard to get them up to par. I took all of the practice tests, and although my initial scores were very low, for the last few weeks I have been scoring 650-670 (with a high of 700, twice) on the practice tests. To add, the Kaplan instructor claimed that Kaplan practice tests are harder than the actual thing, so I could expect to score anywhere from 0-80 points higher on the real GMAT.

    So I finally took the GMAT yesterday. My score: 560. Depressing…


    I got a 740 using only this course.

    This is a very good course if you have a good grasp of the concepts. If you have been out of school for a while and are not very good with numbers, grammar, reading, I would definitely recommend getting a traditional classroom course.

    There is a reason for the online version being cheaper than the regular course: it assumes you don´t need an actual person teaching you through the material.

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