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    I have 10Phy, 9Bio, and 6Ver.
    Since english is my second language, I have pretty poor verbal score. But, I have a good GPA of 3.96 and science GPA of 4.00.
    Do I still have a chance to get in medical school in us?


    Good schools will be a long shot, but apply to regular med schools and you might get it. I’d suggest University of Illinois at Chicago. They’re somewhat forgiving. Otherwise, go the DO route, they look past MCAT scores


    I wasn’t aware that DO schools overlook MCAT scores….is that across the board or just generally speaking? and are they typically as picky as med schools when it concerns GPA? Thank you for your time. I am currently a pre-med student hating physics…but doing very well in all my other classes with a 3.75. I was most interested in becoming a DO and just recently thought perhaps going the MD track might be better…still not sure…any input would be much appreciated!


    What’s the DO route?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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