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    It looks like it’s no longer enough for a university to be merely the best in its class in its home country — Newsweek has now published a list of the top 100 universities in the world, in terms of their international ties and standing. The rankings are based on criteria such as the prestige of researchers connected to the university, the frequency with which faculty members are cited in world-class journals, the percentage of international students and faculty members at the university, etc.

    The top ten universities on Newsweek‘s list are:

    1. Harvard University (US)
    2. Stanford University (US)
    3. Yale University (US)
    4. California Institute of Technology (US)
    5. The University of California at Berkeley (US)
    6. The University of Cambridge (UK)
    7. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)
    8. Oxford University
    9. The University of California at San Francisco
    10. Columbia University

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