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    Hi, David.
    Here’s the gist. I want to apply this year to UT McCombs, Darden, Yale, Univ of North Carolina, and Cornell. Should I take the GMAT again, or will it make my app look weak? Here’s my GMAT history:

    Sept 2005 = 540 (fair amt studying)
    July 2006 = 650 (TONS of studying)
    Aug 2006 = 640 (still TONS of studying)

    If I could take my best verbal from one exam and best quant from another exam, I could get a 730! (Just can’t seem to do my best in both areas on the same exam.)

    So, I’m signed up again to take the GMAT a 4th time on Sept 9, 2006. If I get a higher score, it could help, right? Or does it look like I’m “gaming” the system? And there’s the chance I’ll score the same or lower. Should I take the GMAT again?

    GPA = 3.5 in biology
    6 yr. work history with two small companies; I show progression, leadership, and management skills in each


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