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    Hi everyone !

    I am a new member here and need some advice with applying to med schools in US.
    Here is my situation:

    I have a BS in Electrical Engineering (GPA 2.4 when I had my degree evaluated here in US), an MS in Mechanical Engineering (GPA 3.87) and currently doing a second MS in Electrical Engineering at USC (GPA 3.2). I have done some research in BioMedical and am really keen on going to med school ! But first I am an international student, second I am 28 years old, and third my GPAs don’t seem to be competetive. I was wondering what the chances are for my acceptance if I just do a premed at a community college and apply ?
    Would it be better if I started a Biology undergrad and finished it and then applied ? (2 years of community college and then transfer to UCLA) Is it possible to finish the biology major in three years ? One of the reasons of doing this is that US Med schools seem to like the people who have done their undergrad studies here. The only degree I have from here is my EE Masters from USC which will be over next semester !!!
    Can you please give me your advice ? This is a big decision for me, but I really think med school is for me so want to do it unless my chances are very very low !!!

    Thanks very much

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