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    The Harvard Law School admissions blog has this interesting comment about selecting which law schools to apply to:

    “I just heard from an admitted student who had a concern. He talked to two HLS alumni who graduated some time ago who ‘both said they didn’t enjoy their time at Harvard.’ One was here more than 15 years ago and said HLS was ‘a factory.’

    “I’m really stuck about what to say. You guys know me by now—I can’t think of any reason not to go to Harvard, but even I will admit that it isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. But good lord! Two guys from 15 years ago? I talk to alums every day who love the place, but I have no doubt that there are some who don’t. But the main thing is that whatever was (or was not) going on fifteen years ago, that information is very old now.

    “Talk to current students and recent alumni who know what the place is really like!

    “What will they tell you? I think most of them will say that today’s Harvard is student centered. Today’s Harvard is public service oriented. Today’s Harvard is an incredibly diverse, intellectually vibrant community. Today’s Harvard is a place where faculty-student interaction is NOT the exception, but the rule.

    “Forgive me for my rant, but I want this guy to get to the right place for him — but to do it for the right reason. It just kills me to see someone possibly turning down the HLS of 15 years ago, instead of really looking at the HLS of today.”

    One good resource for up-to-date information about HLS is the admissions blog the quoted post comes from. The URL for the blog is http://www.law.harvard.edu/admissions/jd/blog/.

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