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    My daughter is ahigh school senior and goofedoff last year. Her gpa is 2.02 and she scored 1750 on her SAT this december. Do you know of a 4 yearcollege that may take her? She is interested in journalism and marketing.


    I’m not the expert but if she hasn’t applied yet, I believe she’s SOL. She’s going to a community college for 2 years most likely.

    Defending my title


    go on pertersons.com or collegeboard.com and do a search.


    My daughter has only a 2.5 gpa from the hardest college prep high school(and most expensive)in our state. She applied to 11 schools, 2 state universities, one mid sized university in Pennsylvania, and several small liberal arts colleges. 95 percent of these are not very selective. She has received 1 acceptance(a small women’s college in the southeast), 2 waitlists, and several denials. We are still waiting on two schools. But at this point I am not very hopeful. My friends talk about their children who have 3.7’s from the local public high school and they are all going to state universities. I don’t feel like we are comparing apples to apples here. Their kids took classes like school store, taking care of the animals at the school farm, adventure english(where you get to climb trees)???????!!!!!!!!!! My daughter takes physics, calculus, british literature, physiology etc…. I don’t feel like she has been given the consideration she deserves. Her test scores are good but it has been a struggle for her to get A’s. She seems to be a B, C student at this very difficult high school. Am I being unrealistic, I didn’t think that she applied to very difficult schools. She has great extracurriculars and community service too. Why is this such a problem?


    hi, im a senior in high school, and planning to go to a CSU or even an University… but i don’t think my gpa would be good enough, so far, from last year my gpa is 2.6 and i haven’t taken the SAT but i am already registered to take it, is there a possibility? of me, getting in?


    hi, im a senior in high school, and planning to go to a CSU or even an University… but i don’t think my gpa would be good enough, so far, from last year my gpa is 2.6 and i haven’t taken the SAT but i am already registered to take it, is there a possibility? of me, getting in?


    to nancy – i semi believe you but if she got accepted to the hardest prep school in the state then she can’t be stupid enough to get a 2.5.. not to be mean or anything but you should be getting a 3.5+ or you are taking classes that are waayyy too hard for you. a 3.7 at the easiest school in the country looks better than a 2.5 anywhere


    So I’m a high school senior who is very confused about where I should apply. I got a 34 on the ACT (2260 SAT equivalent. I have been active on an academic honor society, a language honor society and a business club where I have been executive vice president and president. I have won business plan competitions 2 years running in northern california and california and just got 1st place internationally on an alternative energy business plan. I was a finalist in a venture capitalist competition. I sit on the board of the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Roundtable, work for a local investment banking firm and am starting a media/entertainment company. I have played violin for 6 years and viola for 2, as 1st violist of one orchestra and a primary for another. I am also an Eagle scout. I have taken competitive courses with my senior year schedule including Calculus BC AP, English AP, Macroecon AP, Microecon AP, Government AP, French Honors, Bio AP and more. But then I go to a highly competitive school where I got into personal issues with some teachers leaving me with a 2.6 GPA going on 2.7 by the end of this year. I want to pursue a business (marketing, finance) degree and if possible also a degree in bioengineering. I cannot bring myself to accept going to a community college. I really would love to go to a nice college anywhere in the country, and its been heartbreaking accepting I won’t be able to go to any of the colleges I had hoped for (New York University, University of Southern California, etc). Where CAN I get in?


    I forgot to add, I always seem to ace the tests in these classes where I somehow or the other get bad grades. Also, I took several AP classes, and despite bad grades in the classes, always got a 5 on the AP exam. I really feel stupid for always asserting myself, but then I go to the school ranked #2 most difficult in California. I was happy until I realized how I had just about ruined everything…really depressed….


    I have a friend who is a high school senior. She has been through some things in her life ( especially with school) that has caused her GPA to be an 1.20. I am sure that she has done excellent on the ACTs. When she was in the 11th grade she quit school because of stress at home and at school. She moved to Georgia with her father,he later raped her with in that week. My friend has completely turned around. She enrolled herself back into school, where she is now a senior. she is passing all of her classes and is now one of the most turned around students. There is still a problem, her GPA is still low[:(].Are there any 4 year colleges who will accept her?


    I am a senior in High School with a GPA of 3. Since I have already been accepted into Michigan Tech, I am wondering what else a High School GPA is good for besides getting into College. In college I really plan to study hard and do much better than I did in High School, so after college…will my High School GPA even be relevant any more?


    Hi DeeCodeUh and welcome to Admissions Boards!

    Congratulations on your acceptance to Michigan Tech!

    To answer your question, it really does depend what you plan on doing after college that will determine whether or not your high school GPA matters. If you plan on attending grad school or any other higher education program your high school GPA may be a factor in your acceptance. Also, if you ever decide to transfer to another college they will consider your high school academic performance.

    Best of Luck!


    I have a 2000 on my SATs. I go to a nationally awarded public high school and i am really involved. My GPA sucks – its a 2.75 – Can i get into UMBC? by the way, i live in Maryland and dont need no scholarship or funding.


    i have about a 3.2 gpa right now up through mid junior year. i go to one of the best private schools in california and it has a good reputation for its excellence, but my gpa does not reflect how smart i really am. if can get above a 2000 on the SAT. what are the most respected/ best schools i can get into?
    lately i have been flipping out looking at average h.s. gpa’s getting into certain schools now and it’s getting crazy.


    hey i have a 2.0 gpa .. an 1120 (out of 1600 on reading and math) on my SAT .. one extracurricular, a job, volunteer work in all 4 years of hs, a decent essay, and i go to a highly competitive jesuit high school in new york city.

    i really want to go to depaul and have made it clear to them that i am wanting to turn things around for college .. my senior grades have went up into the 80s and i have let depaul know they are my number 1.

    i’m really worried, what are my chances?


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