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    Hello Dr. Ferdinand,

    I have a BS in chemistry and minor in mathematics (Magna Cum Laude). My overall GPA is 3.7 , with a 4.0 GPA in the sciences. I just got my MCAT score, which was 12 PHYS, 5 Verbal, 8 Biol., and Q on the writting for an overall 25Q . I spoke with an advisor and she said that I didn’t have a chance in an MD school, only in DO, and I should apply next year. I am retaking the MCAT in sept. 12, im not ready to give up that easily. But deep down inside I don’t know what to do. Should I go ahead and apply? should I take the MCAT and wait? I would appreciate some advice.

    Thank you

    Dr Ferdinand

    Though it is true to say that your current MCAT result has reduced your chances of admissions, it is incorrect to say that your chance is 0%. Thus applying to medical school in this cycle is reasonable especially since you intend to retake the MCAT.

    Some students ask: if I apply to medical school and don’t get in, will that affect my chances in the future? From a statistical standpoint, second time or multiple time applicants have a somewhat better rate of acceptance than first time applicants (there are many reasons for this including having experience with the process, self-weeding, etc). In other words, the only down side in trying is the fact that it will take a serious effort to put together a great application. Given your timeline, you would benefit from help.

    Regarding the MCAT: to bring up your Verbal and Bio scores, you will need proper practice (AAMC, GS tests). And you should consider material that focuses on the Verbal Section (Examkrackers Verbal, The Silver Bullet Real MCATs Explained comes with Verbal Prep also).

    It’s true that it is a challenge to bring up a verbal score on such short notice but it’s definitely worth the effort. And about the advisor and your chances? Well, you can calculate your real chances based on 2009 admissions data here: http://www.mcatscoring.com

    Good luck.


    Hi please tell me if I am competetive and what I can do to become more competitive:

    3.20 GPA undergrad, 3.85 GPA graduate school-masters in public health (MPH-just graduated), 19 on MCAT (re-taking currently-what score would be advisable to make competitive?, 7 publications, volunteer over 5 years for clinic, volunteered at several underserved locations in arizona-with hispanic and native american populations and currently working in clinical setting.

    Please advise if I am competitive, what could help and U.S. schools where I might have a chance.

    thank you,
    sarah c.


    Hello! I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I would like to take the MCAT in august but I still have organic 2 left. What my problem is: A very difficult and often put down teacher is teaching it in the summer while the best organic teacher at my school is teaching it in the fall. I want to give myself the best opportunity to get a good grade seeing as how I received a C in organic 1. I am taking a Kaplan class this summer so will that giving me information I need for whatever Organic 2 is on the MCAT or should I just suck it up and take the class with the ridiculous teacher? Thanks!



    Originally posted by MedMan

    Hi Dr. F,

    I appreciate the service you are providing, and would like to run by you some of my stats in hope of getting your profession opinion and possibly some suggestions. To begin, I have taken the MCAT three times, each with a positive progression to a 31R.

    1st attempt: 19M, 8V/5P/6B (April 2006)
    2nd attempt: 24O, 9V/7P/8B (Aug 2006)
    3rd attempt: 31R, 9V/11P/11B (Aug 2007)

    Overall GPA: 3.47
    BCPM GPA: 3.34
    AO GPA: 3.80

    In addition, I am currently finishing my 11th semester as an undergrad, and have already received a degree in biochem, minor in chem, and interdisciplinary study in microbiology. The last 4 semesters of my undergrad I have received a 3.95 GPA.

    My EC activities are very good – two research positions, three medical volunteer positions, tutor (students and disabled students), physician shadows, lifeguard, AMSA officer for school’s chapter.

    What do you think my chances are for gaining acceptance into medical school? Any suggestions you might have to improve my chances?


    Hi Medman,

    Can you give a fellow MCAT taker who didnt do as well as he wanted on the first sitting some insight on how you improved your scores?

    Many thanks!

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