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    Sorry, this is the last one.

    How plausible do you think it would be to gain admission into Penn State this late in the year?


    Dear “Kinddafaded”

    Below are some of my thoughts on the issues you are facing. Please feel free to contact AdmissionsConsultants should you wish to arrange a one-on-one consultation.

    Take Care,


    my school doesn’t award any academic awards of any sort, ad i’m having a hard time figuring out where i really stand in the college admissions process.

    *There are several independent schools that fit this profile. Rest assure that the admissions committees will be evaluating your academic record in the context of your school. Many schools read their applications by region. Meaning the individuals who will be reading your application will most likely be very familiar with your school and its characteristic of not providing students with academic awards.

    i haven’t gotten word from the college board as to my sat scores (i took them last week) but i took a few practices and consistently got in the 1400 range- i’m shooting for a 1450. i haven’t taken any sat iis as of yet.

    *You might want to consider taking some SAT II’s this summer.

    my gpa isn’t incredibly impressive- they don’t actually calculate it at my school, but i figured that it would be about a 3.0 (although i am confident that i can bring it up to about a 3.3 by the time i’m applying to college) it should be noted, however, that 4.0s are extremely rare at my school (i’ve never heard of anyone getting straight a’s, or even mostly a’s- grade inflation is virtually nonexistant) additionally, all junior and senior classes are considered honors or ap. i’ve been taking 5 majors each semester as well as multiple minors (heavy in the visual arts). this is considered a fairly heavy course load.

    *See my response above regarding your school.

    i have been a tri varsity sport athlete since freshman year (soccer, basketball, lacrosse) and recieved the “rising star” award (most improved) sophomore year in soccer. i will be the captain of the soccer team next year.

    i started a unitarian universalist club. specifically, we raise scholarship money each year for a unitarian youth living in desfalva, an extremely poor town in transylvania.

    i also participate in my unitarian youth group. we have taken week long community service trips (habitat for humanity) as well as done fundraising and discussion groups about current events.

    i participate in the choir at my school and sing solos regularly. i took piano lessons for 7 year before high school, and i continue to play regularly, although i don’t officially take lessons. i also taught myself how to play the guitar to an advanced level.

    i also work at a summer camp as a counseler.

    *These are all great activities and I am sure they will help make you a more interesting applicant.

    sorry that this is so long- but i have fallen in love with nyu and am wondering what my chances are. i am also interested in brown, sarah lawrence college, barnard, george washington. i need to find some safeties- its so difficult, though, because i am sure that i want to be in or very near to a city, and with the popularity of cityschools soaring… i especially am in love with new york.

    thanks for any advice or wisdom… what are my prospects?

    *Many variables go into creating a competitive application. One of the services AdmissionsConsultants provides is college admissions planning and strategizing as well as one-on-one help with individual applications. If you are interested, we can help you to create a well-rounded list of colleges for you to apply to in the fall as well as help you to prepare an application (or applications) that will best highlight your strengths and unique characteristics.



    Dear Tennyson,

    First, I want you to know that you are not alone. I am currently working with several students who share a situation similar to yours. Right now, I advise against appealing any of your admissions decisions unless it is something encouraged by the individual institutions to which you have applied. (Please note that it is not the practice of most institutions to changes their decisions after the fact.)

    What you need to concentrate on is making yourself the most attractive waitlist candidate possible for Emory. In addition, you need to devise an alternate plan in the event you are not invited off the Emory waitlist. AdmissionsConsultants provides these services, and I would encourage you to contact us should you wish to receive one-on-one counseling. Remember, there is always more than one path to arrive at a common destination. AdmissionsConsultants can help you explore both of the traditional and untraditional paths to college.

    As far as Penn State is concerned, I advise you to contact their admissions office directly. It is unlikely that the more popular campuses will consider late applicants. However, the other campuses might if they believe they will not be at capacity in the fall. It is worth exploring this opportunity, but I would not count on it being a viable option for the fall.

    Take Care,




    Dear Admission Consultants

    I am a senior in high school and i want to attend college next year. I applied to some cal states Oklahoma State and to LSU. I only have a 2.5 GPA because i slacked off my freshmen, sophmore and junior year. I earned a 3.8 during the first seemster. I earned a 1010 on my SATs. I dont think i am going to be offered admissions to any of these schools. I do want to continue my education and go to college. I recieved a letter from oklahoma state and i was offered conditional admission based on a completion of a program. If my class rank, gpa, or sat improved i could resubmit my transcripts and they would reconsider for comlpete admission. Would taking the SATs one more time be the best thing i could do? If i do take the SATs again and do good is there any other schools i can apply to that i might have a change to be admitted?


    Dear “01010,”

    I think it is worth taking the SAT one more time if it means OK State will consider you for regular admission. A higher SAT score in combination with your recent academic improvement may be enough for them to waive the requirement for you to complete a summer program.

    In regards to other schools…

    It is too late in the year to be considered for fall admission at most universities. Therefore, your options for this fall will be limited regardless of your performance on the SAT. However, an improved SAT score along with a strong academic performance at OK State will dramatically improve your chances of being accepted as a transfer student at another university in fall 2005.

    Please feel free to contact AdmissionsConsultants should you wish to arrange one-on-one counseling. We work with a number of transfer students on their college applications and when the time comes, we would be happy to work with you on yours.

    Take Care,




    Dear Sara,
    Hey, I am just looking for some feedback and/or advice on my chances or anything else about the admissions process. Thank you for your honest (even if brutal) comments; I appreciate your help a lot!

    SAT I:
    Overall – 1580
    Math – 800
    Verbal 780

    SAT II:
    Writing – 740 (retaking)

    Math II-C – 780-800 (prediction)
    US History – 760
    Chemistry – 750+ (prediction)


    Curriculum – most rigorous possible (including 9 AP classes by the end of senior year and 3 years of coming to school 50 minutes before anyone else to take an extra class – 0-mod)

    Unweighted grade – 92%
    Rank – by the end of this year, my weighted rank will be in the top 10%, but my unweighted rank may not even be in the top 15%….my class has 515 people and my school is highly competitive….I believe we have some type of “consent release” policy which means that my awful unweighted rank may not even be released (I’m not sure)….the problem in my rank is in my freshman year, when i earned straight 88s because I was too stupid to do any work….my last two years have been decidedly solid

    Other academic stuff –
    top 15 in my school in the Chem Olympiad and American Mathematics Competition (AMC-12)

    Extra-curricular –
    National Honors Society member (for which I tutor other high school students)

    Future Business Leaders of America member – placed 7th in the state at “Mr. Future Business Leader” event (the most competitive and comprehensive event); I will probably be Treasurer next year

    DECA (Marketing) member – placed 1st in South Jersey at “Sports and Entertainment Marketing” both in overall and role play; won top award at state competition for the test portion for the same event

    Community Service – over 1,300 hours of helping the elderly with computers at the Golden Age Senior Care Facility; helped the school and library; participated in events with the Jewish Relief Association

    World Affairs Club – Steering Committee member; Lenape Model Congress – earned highest award, “Top Speaker”. Moorestown Model United Nations – earned highest award, “Best Delegate”. Participated in the following mock International Court of Justice, UPENN Model United Nations, Rutgers Model United Nations, two (2) South Jersey Model United Nations (once as a chair), two (2) Eastern Model United Nations, Rutgers Model Congress on an advanced committee, successful fund-raising.

    Sports – Captain of South Jersey All-Star Volleyball Team (17s). Started JV for Freshman and Sophomore years for Eastern Volleyball. 2004 Varsity player for Eastern Volleyball (as a Junior). Bob Bertucci Volleyball Camp participant. Eastern Volleyball Camp participant. Karate – black belt; assistant instructor. Decorated ballroom dancer (won a total of six (6) gold medals in amateur career).

    Arts – played piano for 7 years, mostly for fun; selected as one of four instrumental soloists from Eastern High School to participate in Arts for Teens; I DJ for fun; also, I have a CRAZY music collection of 4,000 songs

    Work – I worked as a special marketing consultant for Horn and Hardart Bakery Cafe in Philly; also, I made my own company under my dad’s name to create websites and ads for companies

    I have an extensive knowledge of Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Windows.

    This summer, I will be in the Camp Business summer program (sponsored by Commerce Bank and Drexel Business School (LeBow)….this program only takes 100 people from the tri-state area….upon completion of the camp, I will work at Commerce for the rest of the summer.

    Also, I was born in Ukraine and moved here when I was 5. I speak/read/write Russian fluently.

    My essays should be fairly good.
    My recommendations are coming from the Vice-Principal of the school (who taught one class all year: my AP U.S. History class, and who is a Princeton alumnus himself), my Econ teacher, and my guidance counselor (who graduated from UPENN)

    In addition, my girlfriend (of eleven months) ‘s parents offered to write me recommendations (both of them graduated top of their class from UPENN medical school). I am not sure if I will use their recommendations yet.

    O yea, I also know a few of the admissions officers at UPENN.

    I am fairly sure that my two glaring weaknesses on all my apps will be my unweighted class rank (because of freshman year) and my lack of any legacy (except for my cousin at MIT).

    Intended majors: Marketing, International Relations, Economics

    I will probably apply to UPENN (Huntsman Program with Wharton as second choice) Early Decision, these are some other schools I will probably apply to for Regular Decision:
    Princeton (Woodrow Wilson program, eventually)
    NYU – Stern
    MIT – Sloan
    (I am not sure if one applies directly to Stern and Sloan)
    The College of New Jersey

    Please give me any comments/feedback/recommendations you have (be as brutally honest as possible!)…THANK YOU!


    Sara Hernandez has become quite busy working with her current college applicant clients. She has stopped accepting new clients and we are now going to temporarily relieve her of her admissionsboards duties to ensure that those clients who already signed up with her continue to get the prompt attention they deserve. (Obviously, our consultants are going to respond to their clients before they reply to posts on this board.)

    Another college admissions consultant, Bonnie Sofarelli, has volunteered to participate on this thread for a short while. Bonnie has made thousands of accept/reject/waitlist decisions over her career as an admissions officer for a variety of schools and, yes, she does have undergraduate college admissions committee experience.

    Finally, we do politely request that you show consideration for our consultants’ time and keep your posts succinct. If you have a substantial number of questions or if you want a detailed assessment of your chances at a variety of schools, we assure you we can cover all of that and a great deal more in a one hour initial consultation via telephone.



    hey! any input on my post?? (sorry about the length)



    Originally posted by leomarkel

    hey! any input on my post?? (sorry about the length)

    Greetings Leo. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. It took some time to read through your post![:)]
    All kidding aside, you can expect an applicant pool at top universities to include individuals who are just as dynamic as you are. When applying, focus on your experiences that are most important to you. Consider presenting challenges that you have faced, and what you did to overcome them. Also, a reference should be someone who knows you well as a student (such as a teacher) or as a project leader (such as an advisor or mentor). Once you have narrowed your search for undergraduate schools, take the time to visit each one. Spend time on campus with current students, attend a class or two, have lunch, and possibly stay overnight (some admissions offices will set such a visit up for you). This way, you will be better informed and can make a decision based upon your gut-feeling from each school.
    Please consider contacting AdmissionsConsultants for personal advice and guidance while applying to the schools of your choice.
    All the best,



    i’m a student at San Diego State University who plans on transfering to the University of Southern Cal next fall and need some advice. In high school my GPA was only a 3.1 or 3.2 and i did absolutely no extracurriculur activies. As a freshmen, i again have done no extracurriculur activities but have brought my GPA up to a 3.78 in college. then again, i only took 14 units each semester inlcuding 2 one unit pass/fail courses in semester 1 and surfing in semester 2. Anyway, i want to know what you think my chances are of getting into USC Fall 2005 (assuming i can keep my GPA up while taking 15 real units fall 2004 and spring 2005 semesters) and what can I do to improve my chances? BTW, my SAT is 1350.


    Greetings Bogg,
    If you haven’t done so already, I recommend that you visit the admissions office at the U. of S. California, introduce yourself as a serious transfer student and better understand the school’s expectations of transfers. From an admissions perspective, I would want to know what you were doing with your time that is important to you in lieu of the high school and university extracurricular activities offered, and what it is you would have to contribute to the campus community. Continue to improve your academic scores and consider why you are a better fit at the U. of S. California.
    If you are interested in personal guidance with your transfer application, please contact AdmissionsConsultants for details.
    Kind regards,



    Is the Who’s Who Among High School Students legitimate recognition or is it a commercial scam?


    Dear JDL,
    I believe the Who’s Who Among High School Students serves the purpose of publishing one’s name and face in a national “yeabook” with the opportunity to apply for scholarships available through the publishing organization. From the perspective of an Admissions Representative, I do not know of anyone who has used the publication as a reference when considering a pool of prospective applicants applying to college in a given year. I have seen student resumes listing Who’s Who as an achievement. Simply listing awards in academic performance, community service, sports participation, and project leadership, provides a clearer picture of one’s merits.
    Thanks for posting your question at AdmissionsBoards.



    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I would like to know whether it would be possible for me to get into NYU – New York University , with EARLY ADMISSION, with the following credentials. I am a Junior highschool student at Princeton High School (a VERY competitive public highschool, very tough compared to others in the state, one of the top ranked in the state).

    SAT I (1410)
    -Verbal (660)
    -Math (750)

    SAT II
    -Math IC (780)
    -Physics (To Be Taken)

    -Weighted 3.0 GPA

    -Co-President of Computer Science Club
    -President of Hiking Club
    -2004-2005 Skii Club Member
    -2003-2005 TRACK Athlete (VARSITY)
    -2004-2005 LACROSSE Athlete (Junior VARSITY)
    -2002-2005 Technical Staff/Writer (The Tower School Newspaper)
    -2002-2003 Debate Team
    -2001-2002 Film Appreciation Volunteer
    -2001-2005 CHESS Club Member
    -2002 Over 150 hours of surveyed COMMUNITY SERVICE
    -2004-2005 Summer Reading Library Volunteer
    -Appeared in several Fictional magazines of literature
    -2002-2004 Business Management Volunteer at the PrimeSyn Lab Inc. company.
    -Poetry has appeared in the School “Ivy Book of Poetry”
    -2001-2005 Volunteer Tutoring to Younger Kids

    Future Plans:
    -I also plan to confront my school to build them a new webpage, as their current one is very sparse.
    -Other plans include making a website for the Teen Advisory Board (Club) at the public library in Princeton.
    -Forming the “Writing Club”, another future Presidency for me.

    Schedule for senior year:
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Microeconomics
    AP Macroeconomics
    AP Art History
    British Literature
    AP French
    AP Law

    My plan is to make straight A’s for the first two semesters of senior year. Other schools I’m looking at:

    Other Info:

    My grade trend has been gradually increasing from Freshman all the way to Junior year…and I plan to finish that trend off with 4.0 in senior year. I will also easily get recommendations from many teachers that are already willing to write them up for me. My counselor is also going to writeup a very nice recommendation to me. I’m working to perfect my college essay by taking a course/essay workshop offered at my school. I’m also going to take the SAT Is again.

    -UC Berkeley (My dream/reach)
    -North Carolina Chapel Hill
    -NJ Institute of Technology
    -University of Miami
    -Carnegie Mellon (My dream/reach)
    -Rutgers College (My Safety)
    -Oklahoma University (2 Alumnis)
    -Northwestern University (1 Alumni)

    All feedback and responses will be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot.


    Dear Baggypants,
    It appears that you are performing well academically, with a nice blend of extracurricular activities. If you haven’t done so already, visit each one of your top-choice colleges, attend an open house, and determine if you are a good fit there and why. Then, in your application, do your best to present yourself as an outstanding candidate via your essays and references.
    Thank you for posting your question on Admissionsboards. In the future, please try to keep your posts brief. Keep in mind that AdmissionsConsultants provides one-on-one hour-long consultations that will answer all of your questions personally and in far more detail than can be covered here. We also offer expert guidance when completing college applications.
    Take care,


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