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    I have taken a couple of sample exams and I barely managed to score around 600. Since this exam is designed to measure innate abilities, like the ability to perform a set of thinking skills in a given amount of time, and since I am obviously no genius, do I have a realistic chance of hitting 700 if I work my butt off? By working my butt off, I mean doing at least 2 computer based sample problems every weekend for about 6 months.

    I ask this because I am inclined to believe that companies like Kaplan, and Princeton Review, will tell you that your score will improve just to lure you into buying their products and paying for their services. And they might be right, my score might improve, but for all I know that means my score will increase by 2 to 3%. So instead of scoring a 600 I would score a 615, (like that makes a difference).

    Am I right in being negative, cynic, or whatever it is that you call people who are self-aware of their own limitations, or does the sheer amount of success stories from people who are far from having outstanding intelligence suggest that I am wrong?



    Dude, just took the GMAT for the second time. First time I didn’t study and got a 610. Studied for about 100 hours and got a 770 this time around. On the other hand I got a 1510 on the SAT’s, so factor that in. Matt.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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