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    Well, firstly I am from Singapore and we use the Britsh Education system(GCE A lvls and O lvls).

    For my freshman and sophmore year, my results were purely mediocre floating around the B and sometimes even getting into the C region. I just had the facts knocked into my head then and in my junior year I had straight As throughout and managed to get on the principal’s honour roll. Now in my senior year, I am seeking to enter an Ivy league instituition.

    The thing I am worried about is how my below par grades in my freshman and sophmore year will reflect and affect the competitiveness of my application. Furthermore, because of my results in the first couple of years in high school , I wasnt allowed to take the most vigorous course load there was which I deem will be my downfall in the application.

    On to my extracurricula activities. I am a national swimmer bagging a handful of medals at regional competitions and this includes representing my country.I am also the swim vice captain if that is of any help. Apart from that, I do community service at a local orphanage on a weekly basis. I have also represented my country in 2 UN summits(WSIS and Terrorism). These are minor ones but I wonder would it be a plus point in my application?

    Lastly, test scores. I got 1500(verbal:710 , math: 790) for my SAT1 and for the SAT 2, Writing:700, Physics: 790 MathIIC: 780.

    I intend to apply for early action/decision.O and 1 more point, I would be requesting a 2 year deferment for my compulsory military service.So, how would anyone rate my chances of getting in? My top aims are Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Upenn


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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