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    Good Morning!

    I am currently attending a very small community college in MD but look forward to transferring to UVA in less then a yr. Ive attended this college for over a yr and my gpa is a 3.8 and in high school I got a 1320 on my SAT and had a gpa of a 3.1. Like the student at WVU, I have lots of volunteer work in foreign countries and am also in the Marine Corps. ( His letter is what convinced me to write this ) My question to you is do u think it matters to UVA that I am attending a small community college. Would my chances for admission be greater if I attended a bigger school? Why or why not? and do you think this is a realistic goal for me? I am also looking to work with one of your consultants and am wondering what I need to do to get started. Thank you and I look forward to your response and advice. Thank you Sarah!



    Hello James,

    Like your friend, I believe you may be a competitive transfer applicant to UVA due to your academic record and your unique experiences. Approximately 1/3 of the transfer students at UVA come from VA community colleges so there is clearly recognition in the admissions process of the quality of preparation students can receive at community colleges.

    What you and your friend must keep in mind through the transfer process is that UVA, as a state institution will strongly favor Virginia residents in the admissions process. This makes even very strong out-of-state applicants much less competitive than their in-state counterparts.

    If you would like to work with one of our consultants, please use the link below to contact AdmissionsConsultants.

    Take Care,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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