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    Hello and thanks ahead for your response!
    I graduated high school back in 2001 and spent some time doing some personal things before deciding to attend college. I decided to do some volunteer work in costa rica for about 6 months, joined the Marine Corps over a yr ago, and participated in numerous volunteer work around central and south america. In high school i had a 3.2 gpa and an act score of a 24 or 25…[:)]its been a little while. I am attending WVU and am working on my third semester. my gpa in college is a 3.7 and im looking at achieving about the same gpa this semester. I know my high school credentials werent the greatest to apply directly to UVA so I decided to attend WVU in order to “prove” myself. i have a strong desire to attend UVA soon and im hoping you can help me out with all this. I firmly believe I have what it takes to attend UVA and be academically successful. Do you believe this is realistic, why or why not, and what kind of advice, if any, could you share with me? Thank you so much once again and I look forward to your response.



    Dear Michael,

    From the information you provided, you seem to possess strong potential to be a competitive transfer applicant at UVA. Your unique volunteer experience as well as your academic performance at WVU will help make your UVA application more compelling. Of course, the overall quality of the application you submit to UVA will contribute greatly to your prospective admission.

    Please contact AdmissionsConsultants if you would like one of our consultants to assist you with your transfer application.

    Take Care,
    Sara Hernandez


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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