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    Hi, I am a new member…just like to find out my chances for ivy league! I am a junior student at an IB school in Canada…Here’s my marks for term 1 and 2 (our school’s marking system is messed) :

    Term 1:

    IB biology HL : 95 (A)
    IB chem HL: 81 (B)
    IB eng HL: 88 (A)
    IB French SL: 88 (A)
    IB History SL: 88 (A)
    IB Math HL: 80 (B)
    IB Physics HL: 88 (A)
    TOK: 86 (A)

    Term 2:

    IB biology HL : 91 (A)
    IB chem HL: 77 (B)
    IB eng HL: 87 (A)
    IB French SL: 91 (A)
    IB History SL: 84 (B)
    IB Math HL: 86 (A)
    IB Physics SL: 92 (A)
    TOK: 81 (B)

    Also, my extra-curricular activities:

    Violin (going into Gr. 8 Royal Conservatory)
    School Newspaper Editor
    World Vision Committee
    Published Science research paper in science journal; Doing scientific research at university lab;
    Some awards in school, science, math, and music. Will represent school/province to go to national conference.
    Volunteer at local hospitals/community centres.
    Community centre’s council vice-prez..
    Top academic grade 8 and 9, grade 10 does not give top academic awards, only subject awards. Top math/science/english award at 8/9/10 levels.
    manager of one of our school’s sport teams and i volunteer for various other places..><

    My parents think that i should give up the Ivies and just go to a Canadian university…makes me feel so …=(

    help ppl, are my activities/grades just not up to par?

    all help appreciated=)



    well, first of all, give us your SAT/ACT grades, IB predicted final scores, and which Ivies you want to get in!!!Then I will tell you your chances.



    FYI. I’m in IB too, but have a different grading system here in FL, any grade less than 90 is a B, rather than a A in your school.



    Yeah knowing your SAT and ACT will be vital to helpin you with your chances.

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