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    I am currently enrolled in a Kaplan MCAT course. I have been taking their practice MCATs and I was just wondering how they correlated to real MCAT scores. I am trying to guage my progress and roughly estimate how I will do on the MCATs. What do you think?


    They are pretty reliable. Versions of the test will change and different programs have different sets of tests. I would say when I took practice tests in the week before I took the real thing the scores I got were reasonably close to the one I got on the real test. I would definitely advise taking tests from different sources to get a better idea of the variability. Even in the actual administration there will be like 8 different versions of each section and you are only compared to other people taking that same version of the section. So, some versions will be harder than others, but without necessarily changing your scaled score.


    I took all of the available AAMC MCATs and 12 of the Kaplan MCATs. A score on a Kaplan MCAT is approximately the score you would get on an AAMC MCAT. You should expect to get less questions right on the Kaplan MCAT, but Kaplan takes this into account and adjusts accordingly. Getting a 45/52 on a Kaplan MCAT will give you the same score out of 15 as say a 48 or 49 out of 52 on an AAMC MCAT.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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