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    Dear Renee,

    I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions.

    1) I have a 174 LSAT, a 3.55 GPA, and four and a half years of work experience. I realize there is an insane amount of people applying to law school this year. What do you think my chances are of being admitted to Northwestern or University of Chicago? I know it’s the “whole package.” But will my application even be looked at in an initial screening process?

    2) I am a teacher. I can not easily miss work, especially Mondays and Fridays. It’s a school policy. University of Chicago has an open house coming up, but, of course, it’s on a Monday. If I attend the open house (I could try to get class coverage for the day of open house–I work in the inner-city–substitutes are not readily available), will it help in my admission chances?

    3) What can you tell me about these two schools? I have heard that both are quite conservative and neither is very friendly towards women. Is their any merit in these claims? Additionally, how should I gear my essay towards each school? Should I use a different approach for each school?




    Thank you for your inquiry. Looking only at your LSAT and GPA, I would say that you are a competitive applicant for both schools. You correctly state below however, that it is the “whole package” that will make the difference.

    I have not heard the claim that either school is unfriendly towards women. That said, you should absolutely visit each and talk with current students about their experiences.

    You should plan on individualizing each statement which is why I suggest a visit to each school. If you are not able to attend an ‘official’ open house, you should set up an individual visit.

    Please post additional questions on the ‘Ask Admissions Consultant’ thread or email lawschool@admissionsconsultants.com

    Best of luck,


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