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    Hello everyone!

    Yale University is being sued by a graduate named in the lawsuit as John Doe for male discrimination. According to the lawsuit, the student was discriminated against after he was twice accused of sexual assault and wrote a paper where he referenced rape. He is seeking unspecified monetary damages and wants his records expunged.

    According to the lawsuit, John Doe was required to take sensitivity training after he denounced the crime of rape to make a point about Plato’s Republic. Furthermore, he was accused of rape by a classmate who later recanted her allegations but he was still put on permanent school probation anyway. In sexual assault allegation #2, John Doe was accused of forcible touching and physical restraining. That accuser did not appear at a complaint hearing and never filed a formal complaint.

    We’ll readily admit that this is a gray area and there could (and, indeed, likely is) another side to this story. While most of our posts are more directly related to gaining admission to these schools, we think it’s also important to provide insight into student life and offer advice for educational success to ensure the degree investment pays off. In this particular case, we want to make sure our readers understand the universities aren’t using the same “innocent until proven guilty” standards as the court system and manage their expectations and conduct accordingly.

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    What schools handle this better?

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