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    Hello everyone!

    In case you didn’t see the Forbes article, which I’m sure has been republished elsewhere, Penn Law was ranked number one by Princeton Review for career placement. NYU and University of Chicago were ranked second and third, respectively and the top 10 was composed of the top-tier law schools.

    We just want to reiterate that, like all other rankings, please take this with a ‘grain of salt’ and make sure you select the school that is the best fit for your particular needs. Even something as seemingly straight forward as career prospects can be a bit misleading. Yale Law School will likely remain the most selective school even with its lower starting salary as a whopping 39.2% of their graduates took judicial clerkships upon graduation. (These clerkships had an average salary of $60,101.) Of course, when these graduates leave these clerkships, they tend to do very well. So please take this into consideration before coronating Penn as your new top choice over the rest of its T14 peers!

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    Cong Ho

    Those students aren’t getting clerkships because they want to serve the country. They know it sets them up in BigLaw later and they tend to be lower stress than their counterparts who go straight into BigLaw.

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