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    Hello everyone!

    News Advance has a nice article about the growth in US medical school class sizes and the stagnancy of medical residencies. None of us have the luxury of waiting until the history books have been written. However, it is our thought at AdmissionsConsultants that Caribbean medical school graduates are going to be the ones to feel this squeeze.

    We see Congress acting before they would field complaints from voters that are saddled with US med school debt and unable to get a residency. We also we think the press would have a field day with this and fear of such a field day would also stimulate action. We certainly hope residencies are added soon and at an adequate number for all med school graduates who wish to practice medicine in the US. We’re just not optimistic that is going to happen and thought we should post this in the international section so any prospective foreign med school applicants have the most information available as they make what is a very important decision about their futures.

    Best of luck with your applications!


    David Petersam
    AdmissionsConsultants, Inc.


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    Based on what I’ve read, I wouldn’t wish Caribbean med school on my worst enemy.


    Makes sense to me. I’ll share it with my friends.

    Larry Bartholomew

    Ha ha ha. Just had a professor mention this earlier this semester. He maid it sound like he was telling us that he was the first to realize.

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