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    Hello everyone!

    The Harvard Crimson published an insightful analysis of the political contributions made by the school’s faculty and researchers over a nearly three-year period based on their analysis of Federal Election Commission filings. Not surprisingly, the majority of donations were to the Democratic party.

    What seems to have caught many off guard based on blogs and social media comments was just how overwhelmingly the donations favored the Democrats. Donations from the the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) which includes Harvard College to Democrats was 96% of their total. At Harvard Law School, almost 98% of donations favored Democrats. Harvard Business School, the most conservative school at Harvard University saw only 62% of its donations go to Democrats.

    Harvey Mansfield, a government professor stated, “The only debate we get here is between the far-left…and the liberals. It gives students a view that a very narrow spectrum of opinion is the only way to think.” The Harvard Crimson article also quoted the dean of FAS as saying, “It might have an effect on how people choose the problems that they work on in their own scholarship.” Others were also quoted including some who didn’t believe the ideological leanings affect teachings.

    So what do you think? Should the universities strive to create more ideological diversity in their faculties? Are left-leaning professors shaping the views of college students in a material way?

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    Has it always been liberal? I figured conservatives self selected to careers away from professor.

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