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    I was wondering if I should retake my gre this summer. I took it last summer and got a 610 verbal and 590 math. I really studied for this and was actually really happy with these scores as I don’t typically do well on these sorts of tests. But now I’m wondering if these scores are really good enough.

    I am going to applying this fall to PhD programs in Classical Archaeology. I don’t necessarily have my heart set on any programs, but UT, UPenn, UMichigan, and UChicago are some of my top choices, although I am not apposed to some “lesser name” schools if they have people doing work that I’m interested in.

    I will be completing my MA in Classical Archaeology from the University of Exeter UK next year, and have BA degrees in Anthropology, Classics, and History. My undergrad gpa is 3.93.

    I know with these types of programs experience is really important and I have quite a bit of that including field schools, study abroad, courses in epigraphy and roman pottery taken in Portugal and at the American Academy in Rome. And have worked for a CRM Archaeology Lab as well. I also have presented a paper at the CSAS conference and am finishing up work for publication.

    I have also had 2 full years of Greek and Latin (latin actually I have been taking since high school, so combined 5) and German. And am planing to take more language courses next year with my MA. I am applying this Fall though for programs back here in the states.

    If anyone has any input this would be really helpful so I can know if I should start planning time to study again this summer. Thank you so much!


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