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    The long-short of this situation:

    I graduated with a 2.37 cumulative GPA. I’m not making excuses, but I’m sure a portion of those poor grades were related to being overcommitted to campus activities (for instance, senior year I was a Residence Advisor, club president, work study employee, volunteer college DJ, etc. (yes, there’s more)).

    Anyhow, is it even worth it to take the GREs? I think I could do pretty well on them, but would any score ever make up for that terrible GPA? Can I actually get into graduate school?



    Are you sure you could ace the GRE if someone said yes?



    You’ll need to check out the admissions requirements for the schools and programs you want to apply for. The school I applied to (a small-but-good state school) required a 3.0 for regular admission or a 2.75 for probationary/conditional admission. Some schools and programs require more, and some require less.

    You may be able to apply to a school as a non-degree student to take classes for a semester or two, and then apply with those classes added to your GPA. Depending on the school’s policies, sometimes a few credit hours (a semester, maybe two) that aren’t required for your undergraduate degree can be applied toward graduate credit once you are accepted into a program.

    You’ll need to focus though and not over-extend yourself with extracurriculars, as fun as they are. I believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way, so look around for programs that you might qualify for or ask your local universities if they offer non-degree programs for potential graduate students.

    Good luck!



    Stop feeling sorry for yourself and lift the GPA if it means that much to you.



    The problem with going a a non-degree student is that you can’t get Financial Aid. Some people need that.


    Dafni E Willis

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